Moose Knuckles Adventure Race

Moose Knuckles Adventure Race

Date: Saturday September 21, 2019

The Location: Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) in Manitoba

Registration: $65/person after June 15, 2019 - Then 90/person up to September 10th, 2019

-Teams of 2 to 4 people (teams may be all male, all female or co-ed. no solo racers)

Check-in Registration and Post- race supper and awards: Camp Kippechewin in RMNP

Camping available for fee at Camp Kippechewin on both nights

Race Start/Finish: RMNP Camp Kippechewin. Start time 8am.

The Race: The race will take between 8 to 10 hours depending on your rate of travel and decision making. Teams of 2 to 4 people will travel together throughout the race. Your team will navigate to check points (CP) and punch your team passports to confirm completion. Some check points will be optional so that all teams have a chance to finish.

 Maps: Only maps supplied by race organizers are permitted. Your team will receive a 1:50000 topographical map. Knowledge of how to take a bearing with a compass is mandatory. Your team will also receive a set of written instructions to aid you in getting from one CP to the next. No GPS is allowed.


            Trekking: The on foot section will mainly be off trail. Depending on the route you choose your feet and more will get wet from crossing swamps and small creeks.


            Biking: Biking terrain will be gravel roads, double track trail and some of RMNPs best single track trails. The biking will range from easy road riding to technical single track where you may choose to push your bike. Mountain bikes are recommended.


            Canoeing: Canoeing will be on flat water. You will need to supply one or more canoes to carry your team. Be prepared to carry your canoe and paddling gear for a portion of the race. PFDs are mandatory while on water.


Mystery Challenges: During the race, your team may be given a special task to complete. No special skills required.


Race Rules:

1          The race package your team receives will include all the maps required for the race, course instructions and all CPs will be plotted.

2          Teams will collect a passport and at each checkpoint, will punch the passport to confirm completion.

3          The maps in the race package are the only maps permitted on the course. Protect your map with a water proof map case. Remember NO GPS but bike computers are allowed.

4          The course instructions will include brief description of particular obstacles to watch for throughout the race and a list of all CPs on the course. Refer to it throughout the race and protect it from moisture.

5          Teams must travel together (within 50m) throughout the race. CPs must be obtained in the order specified by the course instructions.

6          At the end of the race, teams must hand in their passport to qualify for the unmanned check points.

7          Scoring: The team crossing the finish line first with all mandatory CPs and the most optional CPs will win. If a team arrives at the finish after the race cut off time they will lose one CP for every minute they are late. Prizes for the top teams in each category.

8          All team members must wear the race bib at all times. All Mandatory gear must be carried at all times. Racers not wearing a race bib or carrying mandatory gear will be accessed a time penalty. Safety equipment must be worn for each specified discipline ex. PFD for paddling or helmet for biking. Racers not wearing safety gear will be disqualified.

9          Teams are encouraged to help each other. No penalty will be incurred for receiving assistance from another team. Teams are required to assist any racer that is in need of medical assistance. No team shall receive any assistance from anyone outside the race.

10        Teams found traveling on restricted roads or areas designated ‘out of bounds’ will be disqualified.

11        All teams must act in an environmentally responsible manner. No litter, gear or any other object can be left on the race course, at the start line or host site except for designated areas.



Mandatory Gear:


Individual Gear (must be carried at all times):

-          1 whistle

-          1 knife

-          1 liter minimum capacity water bottle or hydration bladder

-          1 Emergency blanket

-          1 headlamp

-          1 lighter or matches

-          1 pair of race specific footwear (ie trail runners)

-          1 pair of long pants or tights

-          1 fleece or soft shell mid layer

-          1 light weight rain jacket

-          1 toque or buff

-          1 pair full finger glove

-          1 safety glasses or sun glasses or prescription glasses for bush wacking

-          1 race bib (provided in race package)



Team Gear (to be carried at all times):

-          2 compasses

-          1 pen/pencil for marking map

-          1 watch

-          1 water proof map case

-          1 water proof case for storing pages

-          1 set of maps + instructions (provided in race package)

-          1 FRS Radio (handheld family radio)

-          1 first aid Kit

  • 1 tweezer
  • 6 Anti-Inflammatory tablets
  • 6 Anti-histamine tablets
  • 1 roll adhesive tape
  • 1 gauze roll
  • 1 tensor bandage
  • 6 large adhesive bandages
  • 5”x5” blister pad (ex moleskin)


Mountain Bike: (to be carried during bike section)


-          1 mountain bike

-          1 bike helmet – must be worn at all times

-          1 spare tube

-          1 pair of bike gloves


-          1 tire pump

-          1 set of tire levers


Paddle: (to be carried during paddling section)


  • 1 Personal Flotation Device PFD with whistle attached – must be worn at all times
  • 1 canoe paddle or 1 kayak paddle or 1 set of hand paddles


  • 1 Canoe for teams of 2 or 3
  • 2 Canoes for teams of 4
  • Bail Bucket and Rescue Rope


Prohibited for the Race:

-          GPS, smart phone or device with GPS capabilities enabled

-          Maps other than those supplied by the race organizers


Home of:

Manitoba Snowshoe Run
Coureur Des Bois
Epic East Gate
Moose Knuckles Adventure Race
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