Coureur Des Bois

Event Date: September 1st, 2019

Starting at Beach Ridges trail in Riding Mountain National Park (north end) the group will complete each trail along Hwy#10 with a bus shuttle between trailheads until Spruces Picnic area where the participants will run to the Clear Lake Beach. This set of trails once all completed will have participants cover a 26.2 Mile Marathon distance.

Registration gets you a spot on the bus, as many trails as you can handle, a medal if you handle them all and maybe even a t-shirt if we get our Sh!t together!!

$85 Registration until July 6th
$100 Registration after July 6th

Participants draw rocks at the start of each trail to determine which runners are headed clockwise and which are headed counter clockwise. In addition to time tracking this year we will be scoring by finisher placing on each trail, lowest combined placing scores wins bragging rights and the right to sit at the back of the bus with the cool kids the following year.

Trails include Beach Ridges, Crawford Creek, Moon Lake, Boreal, Bead lakes and North Shore in whatever condition they are in on event day, no special clearing is done or requested.

This is a self-supported event so runners need to bring enough fluid and fuel to sustain them for the whole day and have the ability to carry enough fluids and fuel to get them back to the bus on each trail.


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