This fall, Hound Sport Services will be offering a 6 week drop-in program to help you or your child GET READY for the ice hockey season! This pilot project is designed to get you out on the floor, try out roller hockey and start to get in shape while having FUN!

 Parkland Roller Hockey will be offering a  Fall Season in 2015 and will be offered to all ages and to all players within the Parkland Region.

 Affiliated with Roller Sport Manitoba and the National Inline Hockey Association – Canada, all programs through Parkland Roller Hockey will be insured through the national insurance/coverage program to ensure that all players are provided with a safe and fun environment to develop their skills.

 This fall, we are organizing drop-in sessions, twice a week, for all ages (including ADULTS/PARENTS!!). Supervision will be provided on-floor by Parkland Roller Hockey for all sessions and we will be offering direction and support to all players who attend each session. Depending on the players who attend each session, we may develop some drills or skill development for the group or work with each individual player to get them used to skating on wheels.

Through our affiliation with NIHA-Canada and with strong support from BAUER Hockey, we have been provided 20 pairs of youth skates ranging from Y10 – Size 2, so that we can offer the use of these skates to any players who register with the program for this fall. Come give it a try, before you decide to invest in a new pair of skates!! Please remember that skate and skate sizes are on a first come, first serve basis but we will do our best to accommodate all players who require skates.


Parkland Roller Hockey will be offering a Coach Clinic for anyone interested in learning more about the sport, through NIHA-Canada’s Online Coach Clinic. This clinic is approximately 3 hours long and completed online in a fully interactive clinic ran by the Team Canada Head Coach, Jason Stephens. Stephens and the Team Canada program have medalled in each of the last 4 years at the IIHF World Championships (2014-Silver, 2013-Bronze, 2012-Gold, 2011-Bronze) and have included players of NHL, AHL, CHL and CIS levels.

To learn more about the sport of roller hockey, check out these websites:

National Inline Hockey Association – Canada

North American Roller Hockey Championships

State Wars

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