Mudrun Training Program


ParkFit is pumped to be the exclusive Training Partner for the Catalyst Credit Union Manitoba Mudrun coming up this summer on August 6th, 2016 right here in Dauphin!

As the exclusive Training Partner, ParkFit will be offering a tailor-made 12-week training program available to out-of-town and local participants to get your butt in shape and kill that treacherous Mudrun course!

Wanna sign up? You can register for this program at the time of registration for the Catalyst Credit Union Manitoba Mudrun OR you can register right through ParkFit by clicking on “Membership” on our Main Menu and following the steps requested.


The 12-week training course consists of a 12-week directed training program that will provide you with 3 workout plans per week for you to take to your local gym, outdoors, basement, garage or ANYWHERE to get yourself ready for the big event! Each workout plan and the complete workout package is tailored to getting your body prepared for the specific obstacles and distance that you will need to conquer at the MudRun!

All of the workouts will be sent out through our Parkfit software and app to all registrants AND you will be able to record your times, weights and progress through our app so that you can keep track of how you are doing. ParkFit will also have Certified Instructors making suggestions AS WELL as being available for questions through our ParkFit Wall that runs right through the app.

It’s like having a certified Mudrun personal trainer on your phone…..except it’s real people who have real experience who want to see you SUCCEED!

In addition to the online program, registered participants who live in or near Dauphin will be able to attend our Mudrun Training Program IN OUR FACILITY! Each participant will be able to attend sessions once a week for 6-weeks leading up to August 6th. Each session is led by our certified instructors as well as experienced Mudrun Runners to help show us the “tricks of the trade”

All of this…for $40.

Get signed up, get in shape and get ready to get dirty.

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