About Us

Parkland Fitness Club (PARK-FIT) is our response to a community that is seeking new opportunities to be active, but are struggling to find or create these opportunities themselves.

Our goal is to create a membership-based, affordable club that provides fitness classes, instruction, nutrition education, sport programs, activities and a community of support to youth, adults and seniors that are seeking an active lifestyle.



PARK-FIT is located on the second floor of 304 Main St. in Dauphin, MB (Above Mega Deals) and you can access our facility through the door on the side of the building between Mega Deals and Bank of Montreal!

Our 24/7 CardLock facility includes free wights, cardio equipment, crossbox rig a KIDZone and over 10,000 sq ft of OPEN AREA!

Through our class schedule or using the gym facility itself, ParkFit offers a comprehensive facility for any workout needs of individuals, groups and teams!

Come check us out!

Parkland Fitness Club

c/o Hound Sport Services
304 Main St N
Dauphin, MB R7N 0Y5
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